Looking For A Lakeland Website Design Company?

If you are looking for a website design company in Lakeland, you have finally gotten to the right place. BrightSky Web Design offers a range of web design and internet marketing services that no other local agency can compete with.

Looking For A Lakeland Website Design Company?

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What are you looking for? What does your business needs? Website design? e-Commerce solutions? Internet marketing? SEO? BrightSky Web Design has a fully customizable set of internet marketing services that have been proven and tested to deliver solutions-based results. No other company in Lakeland can promise to take care of your business’ marketing needs as much as BrightSky Web Design. See for yourself what we have in store for you.

Here’s a little something about us

BrightSky Web Design is a web design company that has had an early start in the web design industry in the local area, specializing in providing an excellent service to local businesses. We have worked hand in hand with plenty of local clients, not only with our selection of Internet services, but also through a variety of services in other industries as well.


Not quite ready to take the plunge in your business marketing journey? Let us help you a little bit more by providing you with our exclusive portfolio of web design projects and marketing strategies.

There Is Good And There Is Bad Lakeland Website Design.
People have to know the difference to produce a website that could attract investors and customers.

Here’s the thing about Lakeland website design: the simpler and cleaner the website is, the better the user experience is. A badly designed website will turn away customers and will not even attract investors. Remember that in this digital world, it is important that your website do the business side of things, too, such as attracting investors and making sales and profit.

Simplify the Color Scheme

Check out huge sites like Amazon and Apple. You won’t find a rainbow of colors. They just used one background color (either black or white) and then one major accent color such as silver, yellow, red, or blue. This pop of color will give the site an exciting design but at the same time, maintaining the simple color scheme that will make it easier for visitors to focus. Too many colors can become visually distracting, so most websites opt for two or three colors.

Plenty of “Empty” Space

White space is the most commonly used “empty” space for websites in Lakeland, but it could also be other colors, too. Space is very attractive because the site won’t look cramped. It will act as a buffer between all the elements of your page such as the copy, the sidebar, and the margins. The elements of your website should have room to breathe. If the website is crowded, it is very hard to direct the attention of your vision eye.


The goal of the website is to persuade customers to buy an item or subscribe to your company’s services. To reach that goal, you have to literally tell the visitors what to do. That will come in the form of call-to-action buttons such as call now, visit our office today, click the link to subscribe, download the free product information, and other CTA invites. These should be strategically incorporated into the website so that you can convert visitors into clients. You can put CTA buttons on the sidebars, the end of the blog posts, and the resource page.

Clean Backend Coding

Behind all the visuals—the graphics, the photos, the animation, the navigation bars, the sidebars, and the content—is a thing called backend coding. This dictates how your website performs so if the backend coding is cluttered, your site will be hard to navigate and browse through. Every designer must know how to clean up the backend coding to provide a seamless user experience. Websites should load faster and effectively convert visitors into customers.

Design For The User

You need to design for the user first. That should be your primary goal and not to rank high on search engines in Lakeland. Eventually, Google will analyze that people leave your site after clicking on the link and even if you managed to create a high-ranking SEO, they will rank you based on the whether visitors are coming back to your site. Companies tend to do things that are good for Google but bad for the visitors. A website should be user-friendly first before concerning itself with its rank on Google.

Boost with SEO

Although user experience is the most important, this does not mean that SEO does not matter. Great websites improve their SEOs to rank high on search engine results and also to trick Google into recommending your site to its users. You can use SEO on a number of elements of your website such as the meta tags, the title tags, the heading tags, and other HTML coding. You need to optimize all these elements to make your site relevant and better your search engine ranking.

Optimize The Website For Speed

Never overlook the importance of speed in your website. If your site does not load in less than three seconds, there’s a good chance your potential customers will leave and go to another site. You want leads and prospects to browse through your website and react positively to your brand. A slow-loading website will negatively impact your brand, so always check your loading speed before anything else.

Some tips to speed up a site are to optimize the photo no matter how small it is, enable the compression of files to make them smaller, minimize HTTP requests in Google Chrome’s Developer Tools, and choose the proper hosting options whether it is shared hosting, VPS hosting, or a dedicated server.


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