With all of the options available to users nowadays, it is easy enough for them to make up their minds about your web design in as little as a few seconds and decide whether to go through with your site or look elsewhere. There are plenty of factors that may influence their decision to stay or leave your website and it’s important to learn what these are in order to maximize your website traffic. Learn more about Lakeland website design mistakes that users hate in the websites that they visit here.

Being too clever with your design

While there is no problem with trying out something new with your web design, you have to understand that being too clever with your web design may pose some problems for your users.

There are some web designers, who, in the spirit of free expression and art, present a completely blank web page, which only shows the items and menu when you find the tiny bar of text to “open” the website. In this day and age, users have certain expectations for the sites that they visit and having an overly clever design will result in a high bounce rate.

Complicated navigation

Remember that the core of an effective Lakeland web design nowadays is positive user experience. One of the ways to help achieve this is by making sure that your site’s navigation is seamless and effortless on the user’s part. Having an overly complicated navigation style on your website can lead to your users feeling frustrated with your website, leading to lesser conversions and an ineffective website as a whole.

Cluttered overall design

Of course, visual design is just as important to your users as the interactive design is. When users visit your website for the very first time, they make up their minds about your website in as little as a few seconds just by taking in your website as a whole. A cluttered overall Lakeland web design is something that will definitely reflect badly on your website and may discourage users from wanting to interact with and navigate through your website.

Make sure that your overall web design is clean and free from any clutter. It should be easy for your users to take in and absorb any information found on your website without getting distracted by anything else found on your website.

Complicated forms and registration

The number one goal of any Lakeland website design and website is to convert. If your conversion is in the form of logins and subscriptions, you may find that users are less likely to convert if it is difficult for them to do so due to complicated website forms. Make sure that you make it easy for users to fill out forms on your website to guarantee maximum conversions.